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Project proposals 2022-2023

Following project proposals / ideas during the project course 2022-2023

Description / material


Intelligent service for small entrepreneurs to provide local good and services

2022 Helenius - Green Stockmann.pdf2022 Helenius - Green Stockmann.pdf

Novia / AboaMare

Smart Remote Operation Center


Promarine / Jani Järvinen

GNSS integrity monitoring

GNSS integrity monitoring system 1 - promarine.pdfGNSS integrity monitoring system 1 - promarine.pdf

Kai Jämsä,

*AIS history data
* Situation Awareness

Åboat - project course presentation KJ 16092022.pptxÅboat - project course presentation KJ 16092022.pptx

Jerker Björkqvist,

1. Ultrasonic wind sensor
2. Solar system optimization
3. Smart grid electrical outlet


Markus Walden,

Looking into EKG

Looking Into EKG.pptxLooking Into EKG.pptx

Aurélien Casteilla (

Smart mechanical keyboard

70685400.pdf (09/09/2022 12:10:40 AM)
jb_ideas.pdf (09/09/2022 12:17:10 AM)
14502942.pdf (09/16/2022 10:29:01 AM)
project_idea_novia.pdf (09/16/2022 09:41:22 AM)
Looking Into EKG.pptx (09/16/2022 09:45:18 AM)
Åboat - project course presentation KJ 16092022.pptx (09/16/2022 10:51:47 AM)