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Project course 2017-2018
Project proposals 2017-2018
Project course 2016-2017
Project proposals 2016-2017
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Project proposals 2015-2016
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Project proposals 2016-2017

Following project proposals / ideas during the project course 2016-2017

Henri Muurimaa
* Client side Spreadsheet
* Layout manager
* Rich Text Editor 2.0
* Kick-ass demos
Embedded Systems / Åbo Akademi
Johan Lilius
Peopleflow in Agora – the ”Agora app”recx - 20160908 - Project course Pitch.pdf
Thomas Nyman / Åbo Akademi
The future of psychological treatment Nyman.pptxNyman.pptx
Pekka Santtila / Åbo Akademi
Automation of in forensic psychologyIT Pitching.pdf
Lingsoft /Michael Stormbom
Language technology API
Kalle Koskinen / Genomill Health
Automation of DNA sequencing processClinic orders a kit x needed amount (saliva, blood sample kit)
2. Sample is taken at the clinic
3. Order forms/other forms are filled with patient info/other relevant (waybills, pro forma bills are delivered with the kit)
4. Clinic either contacts us/parcel service (FedEx,DHL) for pick up
5. Sample is sent to analysis 

So what we are looking is:
1. less paperwork/automatization/e-forms from clinic to us
2. if possible, platform that can be integrated from clinic to our suppliers (so that they only get the relevant data).
Michael Lindholm / Analystica
ScorecardAnalystica scorecard introduction 20160922.pptx
Process industry / Carl-Johan Fogelholm
Cloud based process simulation

Other stuff
Boost Turku
Viljam Haarala
Turku Lab
14.9 Open
28.9 IOT
6.10 Economy
19.10 Energy
27.10 Community
Kalle Luhtinen / Turku Science Park
Ville Santala /Lounaispaikka
Open DataDBC_ÅA (30.9.2016).pptxDBC_ÅA (30.9.2016).pptx

recx - 20160908 - Project course Pitch.pdf (09/12/2016 01:23:48 PM)
Nyman.pptx (09/20/2016 02:42:22 PM)
ÅA:IT Pitching.pdf (09/16/2016 10:41:18 AM)
Analystica scorecard introduction 20160922.pptx (09/23/2016 09:25:11 AM)
DBC_ÅA (30.9.2016).pptx (09/29/2016 12:44:56 PM)