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Project course 2017-2018
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Project course 2017-2018

Project course starts 8.9.2017, at 8.30, house Agora room 110A&B

Course personnel: Jerker Björkqvist, Mats Neovious, Karl Rönnholm, Annamari Soini, Dragos Truscan.
All lectures and meetings are held in room Agora, 110A&B, Fridays 8.30-12 hours, according to schedule below.

Booklet : Project Course 2017-18 Booklet.pdfProject Course 2017-18 Booklet.pdf First lecture 8.9.2017: Project course 2017-2018.pdfProject course 2017-2018.pdf

Schedule / deliverables for the Project Course 2017-2018.

Note! Please update Deliverables AND PPT slides BEFORE the corresponding meeting to this website!

Evaluation will be performed according to the following form: team_evaluation_form.pdfteam_evaluation_form.pdf

team_evaluation_form.pdf (09/04/2014 05:21:48 PM)
Project Course 2017-18 Booklet.pdf (09/08/2017 07:34:50 AM)
Project course 2017-2018.pdf (09/15/2017 08:26:48 AM)