Event registration - ICT Showroom - 10 March 2022 - ICT-City

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Note! Information on this page is used for building the program leaflet for the event. See leaflet from last year for reference.
Organization *
Project name acronym *
Course (if applicable)
Project descriptive title (should describe the project) *
Members (separated by comma) *
Contact person (email adress) *
Project webpage (if available)
Contact person repeated (email adress) *
URL to Promo Video of project / product


Project abstract (max 100 words) *
Abstract text will be used in program leaflet distributed at the event. Write text that shortly describes your project.

Note! The format of the event is still under work. But the following is required:
- Poster (uploaded)
- Pitch presentation slides (uploaded)
- Group picture
- Promotion video

Attach Poster pdf: (Note posters deadline later on, 7.3.2022 at 12.00 noon)

Attach Group picture jpg: (Note Deadline 7.3.2022 at 12.00 noon )

Attach pitch presentation slides pptx/pdf : (Note Deadline 7.3.2022 at 12.00 noon )

If Special needs for the demonstration - Please negotiate with the advisor at the university

You can update document at anytime at a later point. Store the URL below for reference. You will also get an automatic email confirmation.

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