S12 - AFU - Appetite for UX: Improving UI and UX of MyFlavoria application

Sustainable development Other / Web Mobile

Team from: University of Turku
Joonas Seppä, Jukka Reiniharju, Oskari Savonen, Teemu Kerkola, Tarita Mäkelä, Md Sharifur Rahman, Riku Muuriaisniemi
Web page: https://beta.myflavoria.fi/app/home
MyFlavoria is an application for the research restaurant Flavoria where you can register your meals into the application. We’re providing a new, improved web-application for MyFlavoria that has been redesigned with ease of use and compatibility with the restaurant in mind. Our solution lets the users easily keep track of their nutritional intake and bio waste generated at Flavoria while letting them compare their eating habits to national recommendations and earn discounts to Flavoria.
S13 - Ketch-Up - Connecting people through events, empowering local businesses.

Other Communicatin / Web

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Guillaume Gréard, Emma Lacroix, Javier Ponce Gómez, Nazmus Sakib, Rui Cai, Ali Haider
Web page: https://ketchup-front.netlify.app/
The primary objective of this web app is to facilitate connections among individuals while simultaneously supporting local businesses. It aims to unite strangers based on their shared interests, where users initiate events for various activities, specifying the activity, location and time. For instance, if users decide to dine at a particular restaurant, they create an event on the app, inviting others to join them for a meal. The app's scope extends to a range of activities such as food, cafe, music, travel, language exchange, party, museum visits and more. In essence, the app acts as a bridge, connecting people who share common interests, while simultaneously bolstering local businesses by driving customer traffic and offering promotional opportunities during hosted events.
S14 - E-Burst - Blueprint of electric bike controller together with mobile application

Sustainable development / Embedded system

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Matilda Wik, Max Tulus, Svante Fors, Andreas Fellman, Johannes Stenbäck, Hilda Malm
E-Burst is a project where the intent is to build an electric bike along with a mobile application. The final product we will deliver to our customers is a blueprint of an electric bike controller, as well as the mobile application. The blueprint for the controller is intended to provide an easy-to-build DIY project for individuals with some technical knowhow wanting to build their own electric bike. The mobile application serves as a bike companion showing important ride information. With the blueprint, the customers themselves will be able to repair the controller if something breaks, making it a sustainable option.
S15 - PixelSecrets - Web-based privacy tool for hiding messages in images

Communicatin / Web

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Anton Winquist, Tony Hokkanen, Axel Engberg, Umar Mushtaq, Udani Bandara
Web page: pixelsecrets.net
PixelSecrets is a privacy tool for hiding secret messages in images. We offer multiple different encoding algorithms and even the ability to encrypt your messages. As our tool is web-based people can encode and decode on the go, from both mobile and desktop devices.
S16 - PowerWatch - Power consumption monitoring in real-time

Sustainable development Infrastructure services / Embedded system Web HW IoT

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Erik Klemets, Axel Björkqvist, Wendla Stenbacka, Filippa Piazolo, Rashedul Alam, Johannes Björkqvist
The aim of the project is to build a real-time power consumption monitoring system for a household. Presently it is difficult to save energy by assessing what your power consumption consists of because the consumption data is infrequent and provided in hourly intervals. Our product will solve this problem by providing real-time power usage on a web app. The system will also feature the history of power consumption, cost of power consumption based on market price and configurable alerts. The notification tells when power is relatively cheap, so you can save money by optimizing consumption with regards to time.
S17 - UWS - Ultrasonic wind sensor

Infrastructure services / Embedded system Web Mobile HW IoT Cloud

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
John Adolfsson, Erik Ehrström, Toffe Tanninen, John Rapp, Hamish Simpson
Web page: https://sonic-wind-sensors.github.io/
Empowering cottage owners with real-time wind insights, our ultrasonic wind sensor project aims to enhance safety and outdoor experiences by delivering accurate, accessible, and reliable wind speed data.
S18 - MW - Frog teleports between dimensions to get to his goal

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Alexander Willför, Aleksi Haavisto, Francesco Burdel, Jakkko Anrikainen
Web page: https://github.com/Mangic-man4/IGDT-Game
Mirror World is a 2d platforming game. Players navigate through challenging levels using a teleportation mechanism that allows them to move between an upper and a lower dimension. As they progress, they'll encounter various obstacles and puzzles to overcome. Additionally, Mirror World includes a dynamic scoring system that rewards players based on their speed through the levels and the number of coins they collect along the way.
S19 - Scroll of Ingadt - 16 bit fantasy adventure game

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: University of Turku
Eden Kurki, Viivi Nevalainen, Samppa Alatalo, Riku Muuriaisniemi
The evil has tainted the world by stealing the scroll of Ingadt. Help to restore the balance by defeating the evil and finding the sroll.
S20 - Shadow Wizard Buddy Game - 1st Person PvP Arena Brawler

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Jere Välimaa, Matias Laivo, Nuutti Sointusalo, Niklas Räsänen, Niilo Korte, Juho Mäensivu
A 1st person 1v1 PvP wizard brawling game, where you try knock out the other player out of the arena with your magic spells and avoid deadly traps.
S21 - GMM - Game Music by Milo

Games and entertainment /

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Ruuttunen Milo
Web page: https://on.soundcloud.com/RDZ5M
An often overlooked factor of game design is audio work and it's importance in making games impactful and memorable. This project encompasses the collaborative creation of music and audio design for several game project groups. To elevate the game-feel, and sow the thematic elements of the games in the core experience.
S22 - EightyPercentBattleArena - Minimalistic twin-stick-shooter deathmatch game

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Arttu Haarakangas, Alex Syrjälä, Max Lindholm
EightyPercentBattleArena is a minimalistic deathmatch computer game with twin-stick-shooting, a minimalistic artstyle, and wacky bullet physics. The game is developed as part of the Project Course on Game Development - 2024.
S23 - OptiSolar - Relfective roof insulation to increase solar panel output

Sustainable development /

Team from: University of Turku
Laura Mariscal, Viljami Kukkola, Rasmus Pulkkanen, Elli Virtanen, Milla Virtanen
Our target is to come up with a mathematical program Finnfoam Oy can easily use for calculations. The program is made to calculate the optimum dimensions and angles for extra insulation wedges with reflective surfaces that are placed in residential house roofs in between solar panel rows. The reflective surface then increases solar irradiation to the solar panel, which increases the electricity yield per panel. Increase in yield especially during winter time is highly desired.
S24 - SoundByNature Practice Room - Singing practice in a virtual reality environment

Games and entertainment Other /

Team from: University of Turku
Eero Nirhamo, Atte Aapalampi, Jennica Harju, Joni Ranta, Janek Tuisk
Our project aims to create an immersive experience for singing practice in a virtual reality nature environment. Our client (SoundByNature) takes students out to nature for singing practice, and with this VR experience the same calming natural environment can be recreated virtually. The user tunes into the atmosphere of their natural surroundings and can interact with the environment by experimenting with the echo of their own voice. The user benefits from the experience by decreased stress and alleviated performance anxiety.
S25 - Fisheye Imaging Software Handling - Software calibaration of fisheye-lens cameras

Other / IoT Cloud AI

Team from: University of Turku
Joni Rajamäki, Elli-Noora Juntunen, Otto Heldt, Joona Helenius, Oona Leppänen, Mahkameh Salehi
Software designed to automatically calibrate the video feed of a fisheye camera. This technology allows for the use of cheaper and lighter cameras in applications such as photogrammetry and intercomparable drone footage. The implementation is based on the research of Paavo Nevalainen from the University of Turku.
S26 - JANGS - Bridging the Gap Between Online and Physical Shopping in Turku

Other / Web

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Ali, Janani, Gao, Sajjad, Nippon
JANGS is an innovative web app designed to revolutionize the way users experience clothes shopping in Turku. Serving as a comprehensive online guide, JANGS seamlessly connects users with local stores, offering a swift and pleasant shopping experience. This platform allows users to efficiently search for specific items, compare options from various shops, and ultimately facilitates a smooth transition from online exploration to in-store purchases. With a user-friendly interface and no prerequisite technical skills, JANGS aims to simplify the shopping process, providing clear and comprehensive information at the users’ fingertips. Pitch: https://www.canva.com/design/DAFzeBCZifo/5ZyIsGR86h_3fs48rBqdIg/edit?utm_content=DAFzeBCZifo&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link2&utm_source=sharebutton
S27 - OJO < A Smart Surveillance System /> - A Real-Time, Non-Invasive Smart Surveillance System to Detect Armed Activity and Report Violence.

Public services Infrastructure services / Web HW

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Abdullah Mughees, M. Shehroz Wali Khan, Suleman Saeed, Nouman Qureshi, Shameer Khan, Usama Riaz
The increasing population problem has contributed to an uprise in crime rates across urban and rural areas. Organizational constraints in terms of human and hardware resources and limitations in visual capabilities pose significant challenges. Responding promptly to criminal activities is a crucial issue for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) as well. Introducing OJO – a sophisticated Smart Surveillance System, with the goal of developing a web-based platform for continuous surveillance. This system is designed to identify and promptly report aggressive, violent behavior and armed activities directly to the Administration. The implementation of OJO aims to decrease the crime rate and reduce response times during instances of violence in specified areas.
S28 - AJ - DaTe 25th anniversary game - Albins Jubbe

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Janina Heikkala, Kasper Renlund, Nicola Sandblom, Wendla Stenbacka, Alexander Winberg
Albins Jubbe is a platforming game created to celebrate the student organization DaTe's 25th anniversary. Rich in lore and gameplay, with a strong sense of humor.
S29 - PolicyGen - Firewall policy generator

Other / Web

Team from: University of Turku
Santeri Hautala, Millina Lehikoinen, Amy Nymalm, Yacine Elhamer, Mohd Junaid Ahmed, Pekka Näyskä
A firewall with non-suitable rules is next to useless, but configuring one can be tedious and difficult. With network traffic logs, Policygen is able to create a tailored firewall policy that you can customize in our easy-to-use application. With just a few easy steps, you can have a functioning baseline policy made just for your network.
S30 - SM - A cross between a city builder and a cookie clicker, in space! Except not. Not simply a cross between those two genres, that is... It is definitely in space!

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Toni Saari, Eetu Äikäs, Teivo Hyvärinen, Aleksi Syrjämäki
Station Maximizer merges the resource accumulation of cookie clickers, with the planning gameplay of city builders and tops that off with the branching storylines of a visual novel. In the latter days of Regnum Astra, an ambitious senator embarks on a daring plan: To revitalize a dilapidated space station with the use of an experimental AI. If the plan is to work, the station must stand! Gather resources, manage trade flows, improve your station - space and otherwise - decide the fate of Regnum Astra. All the while juggling the indiscriminate demands of your masters. Unless you break free.
S31 - Muuvit - Web application for exercise events

Other / Web

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Blessed Agbaje,Louise Hammarström,Sk Samiur Rahman,Viktor Ohneu,Tanjim Pranto,Fredrik Wasström
Muuvit is a media platform where users can host and participate in exercise events.
S32 - Sherpa Food N Bar - Sherpa Food and Restaurant Bar represents an innovative, modern web application aiming to transform the dynamics of dining and restaurant operations in to the next level. This advanced web platform allows customer to access a diverse array of culinary options across multiple Helsinki branches, with potential expansion to other cities. Thanks to its scalability and seamlessly connecting to customer, it promises a whole new dining experience by providing menu management, table reservation for events and personal dining, customer feedback, Branch listing on map etc.

Infrastructure services / Web

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Amit Saif, Dan Le, Md Haider, Nabil Arman Ayon, Aqsa Yaseen, Bikash Ghimire
Web page: https://bikashghimire.github.io/sherpa-food-and-bar-dev-team/
Sherpa Food and Bar is introduces an innovative web application, elevating dining experiences. This platform provides customers access to diverse culinary options across multiple Helsinki branches, with potential expansion. Offering menu management, table reservations, and customer feedback, it redefines restaurant operations. Functional requirements include user registration, branch listing, menu management. Non-functional requirements ensure security, reliability, usability, and scalability. The system architecture relies on Django, CSS, HTML, MongoDB, Python, React, GitHub, and tools like clockify and Jira for efficient implementation
S33 - BuildMyTrips - Machine Learning based recommendation system and travel budget planner

Public services Other / Web AI

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Reza Amrollaheian, Md Shahnawaz Ahmed, Md Wakilul Islam, Parisa Poorhasani, Nethmi Fonseka, , Muhammad Salman Rashid
Web page: http://buildmytrips.online/
“Build My Trip” is a project about helping travelers to budget their travels, and get the best suggestions based on their interests. It is going to be built with the help of modern AI technologies. The AI system will learn the behavior of the traveler and it will suggest places and locations based on the prediction. However, the main motto of this project is, that it will try to accommodate the maximum possible best itineraries within a given budget. For example, if the traveler wants to go to the northern part of Finland and has a budget of 1500 euros, then the application will show him all possible places, foods, and tickets based on his/her interests within this budget. Team “Aurora” is going to build this project. It consists of 6 persons, with some developers, a project manager, a product owner, and some researchers. The project will be built using the best possible microservice architecture and with the models of Artificial Intelligence. This project is mainly going to be tracked using JIRA, and Cloackify. GitHub will be used for versioning. Agile methodology is followed to build the system and application. The team holds spring meetings twice a week. Stories are being created parallelly for each sprint. It will help the team to track their progress and accept changes openly. At the start, we will be going with free service to acquire the users. Later on, we will start earning incentives from merchants to promote their relevant services. Also, we will bring some premium features at the later part, so that we can charge from the users also.
S34 - Symbiosis - Multiplayer Co-op Forest Revival Puzzle Platformer

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Samu Parttimaa, Emilia Valkonen, Gabriel Haapaniemi, Murat Ekiz, Otto Kuosmanen, Tino Voutilainen
In a withered forest, a symbiotic co-op puzzle game takes place where you play as a living tree and a group of fungi and it's your task to work together to bring life back to this forest you once called home. Cooperation is key and no puzzle can be completed alone. Both playable characters have their unique movesets which you'll be using to help each other to get through the game.
S35 - Infoflow - Webapplication for distributing product information. The information can be reached through a QR code

Communicatin / Web

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Johannes Vähäkangas, Jonas Pihlaja, Simon Kjällberg, Lucas Liljekvist, Miika Salminen
Project started by realizing that a lot of information and paper goes to waste and cannot be found when needed. Infoflows main idea is to help businesses distribute information digitally, making it easy to find and available for everyone when needed. The target users are the customers of the companies in question. The information can be what the companies want to give to their customers (manuals, videos, PDF-files, etc.), which the customers then can reach through a QR code or through the browser.
S36 - Depths of the Abyss - Top-down Roguelite Adventure Game

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Anton Backman, Alexander Johansson, Alexander Norrvik, Alex Blomqvist, Anders Stubb, Kevin Koljonen
Depths of the Abyss is a 2d top-down action-adventure game with combat and stealth gameplay. To add replayability for the game, unique roguelike mechanics are found. Roguelite means that you lose some but not all of your progress upon losing. Depths of the Abyss features a unique 2D pixel-art artstyle and a stand-out soundtrack for players to enjoy!
S37 - Fate's Gambit - A 2D strategy/platformer pickpocketing game

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: University of Turku
Leman Jere, Mowloughi Aref, You Sangjun, Zorman Eva
"Fate’s Gambit: A Greedy Heist" immerses players in Eldoria, steering the nimble pickpocketer, Adrian Shadowblade, through engrossing levels. This 2D pixel art strategy/platformer game demands skillful finesse to navigate crowded streets, avoiding detection while deftly pickpocketing passersby. As players progress, the stakes rise, introducing new challenges and strategic elements. The vibrant pixel art brings Eldoria to life, enhancing the allure of each captivating level.
S38 - Shaky Stacks - Physics-Based Stacking Game

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: University of Turku
Laura Lumme, Elma Nurmiaho, Hannu Salo, Emre Şimşek
S39 - The Veil of Sorcery - Open world RPG

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Antonenko Mariia, Ojala Johannes, Tien Hung Nguyen, Bowen Zhou, Watana Siriwat
Explore the magical forest and find out its deepest mysteries!
S40 - Bog Duty - A survival base defence game

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Juho-Emil Lauren, Eevi Lähde, Oliver Vesa
"Bog Duty" is a survival base defence game made using unity engine where you have to survive as long as possible against endless waves of enemies. During the day you must collect resources and build fortifications in preparation for the night when the monsters lurking in the shadows emerge.
S41 - Localink - Connecting people around a locality through local commerce, events and neighborly conversations.

Other / Web

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Farhan Amjad, Li Qing, Omar Farooq, Zeshan Javaid, Hamid Rizwan
Web page: https://www.instagram.com/localink.official/
Localink is a social platform that connects you with the people, events, and opportunities in your local community, making it easy for you to stay informed and engaged. Whether you're looking for exciting local events, want to buy or sell items in your community, or simply want to chat with your neighbors, Localink has got you covered. With Localink, you can explore a diverse range of events, from festivals to workshops, and never miss out on what's happening in your area. You can also buy and sell items locally, which is not only convenient but also supports local businesses. Additionally, Localink's chat feature enables you to connect with your neighbors, fostering a sense of community and making it easy to reach out and get to know people around you. Localink is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to stay connected with their local community and take advantage of all the opportunities it has to offer.
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