S11 - Shelf-Improvement - Automated refill ordering with smart shelf

Other Infrastructure services / Embedded system Web IoT

Team from: University of Turku
Ali Kargarandehkordi, Erik Haapa, Lassi Lehtinen, Teemu Simola, Tuukka Aro, Samuli Pitkänen
The goal of the project is to create an automated ordering system to fill the empty spots of the shelf in an industrial production line by utilizing sensors. Smart shelf speeds up the work of employees by reducing unnecessary waiting of the refill and possible mistakes of ordering.
S12 - AGSSB - Anti-Glare Systems for Ship Bridges

Other Infrastructure services / Embedded system Desktop

Team from: University of Turku
Ville Iso-Kouvola, Juho Karasti, Elmeri Kuismin, Erkka Lehtihuhta, Tatu Peltola, Panu Puhtila
Our project is to develop a motorized anti-glare system for ship bridges for our client company Kaihdinliike Sandberg. The system contains UI and hardware to control the blinds. The goal of this project is a more user-friendly and wear-resistant system than the manual systems currently used on ship bridges. In this project we need programming and hardware design skills. Collecting user experience data from end users is also important.
S13 - eGradu - Platform that automates some of the workflows in the Pro Gradu thesis process

Education / Web

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Linus Hindersson, Alina Torbunova, Fredrik Sjöberg, Sebastian Pulkka, Patrik Runeberg, Alexander Tallqvist
Web page: https://egradu.testiosoite.com/
Electronical system to follow up the process of producing and grading students' theses. The idea of the system is to combine all thesis-related communication and bureaucratic process on the same platform to achieve a smoother process structure. The system is available for different users involved in the process: student, supervisor, head of subject, language center and thesis evaluator. Full description of the thesis process at Åbo Akademi: https://libguides.abo.fi/egradu
S14 - Finfree - Identity-based access for zero trust security.

Other /

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Evan Roman, Evanfiya Logacheva, Duy Le.
Our project aims to create an integrated cybersecurity solution of two prominent products – Mideye’s Authentication Service and Hashicorp’s Boundary, a tool that allows simple and secure remote access to applications and critical systems with fine-grained authorisations based on trusted identities.
S15 - KPG - Pose detection systems for elderly care

Healthcare / AI

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Tomas Granholm, Jesper Winsten, Sebastian Aarnio, Sebastian Sjödahl, Mathias Norräng
Keypoint Detection Group revolutionizes the healthcare and social services industry by offering smart solutions that utilize the latest advancements within Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our pose estimation model allows the remote monitoring of patients by utilizing live video feeds and advanced machine learning models. Live updates of the patients’ current pose can be used to ensure the patients’ safety and wellbeing by identifying any irregular activity, reducing the response time for healthcare workers in case of a medical emergency.
S16 - Smash o' scope - Smash o' scope - Videogame where you handle oscilloscope and use oscilloscope's wave to eliminate hostile creatures within the screen.

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Emilia Heinonen, Joonas Sariola, Nora Holmberg, Tatu Arvonen, Tuomas Suni
This oscilloscope seems cursed! There's hostile creatures crawling from top to bottom of screen and you need to stop them with alinging oscilloscope's wave on creatures before they reach the bottom!
S17 - STGP - Seal Team Gamification Project

Games and entertainment / Web Mobile

Team from: University of Turku
Topi Suvimeri, Lassi Haapala, Oskari Noppa, Aleksi Torri, Antti Vuorinen, Honghao Du
Gamifying an online platform that people can seal their deals with a strong identification. Our project shows our ideas how to make online platforms more fun for the end user.
S18 - Cyber Combo - Sidescroller platformer

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: University of Turku
Riku Helle, Tuomas Lunden, Matias Mäkipelto, Milla Oksanen
Cyber Combo is a 2D puzzle platformer, created with pixel graphics and shoot from the side perspective. You can play the game here: https://play.unity.com/mg/other/webgl-builds-161496
S19 - Velofore - Mobile app for skill progression in golf

Other / Web Mobile Cloud

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Thomas Holmberg, Robert Kantero, Edvard Söderback, Hektor Dahlberg, Henrik Martola, William Nylund
Our vision is to create an affordable and accessible solution to track skill progression in golf with an easy to use mobile application. The app's focus is to record the user's swing with the smartphone's built-in camera and measure the club head speed using image recognition.
S20 - KIELO - App to promote recycling

Sustainable development / Mobile

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Jyri Kuivanen, Jesse Laaksonen, Emma Tennosmaa, Matias Lehtonen, Pekka Kononen, Risto Erkkilä, Kalle Huuskonen, Jarkko Heinonen, Ahmed Said Abdirahman
KIELO project aims to build an application to promote recycling. The app utilizes existing geographic data of recycling points and provides information to help users to recycle all their used material from plastic packages to car tires and hazardous waste.
S21 - Stampful - Database system for information of auctioned stamps

Other / Web

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Jarkko Heinonen, Pekka Lehtola, Steve Hommy
A web application used to store information about auctioned stamps including starting- and selling price, selling year, seller company, pictures of the stamp and stamp conditions. The application offers a customizable categorization for stamps and in depth filtering options for browsing the posted items with fast and intuitive user interface.
S22 - Space Groove - A group made rhythm game

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Thomas Kavon, Petra Nieminen, Juho Steenari, Aarni Äijö, Olivia Carpelan
A group project to create a rhythm game with funky vaporwave graphics and beats to go along with it. Fun for the whole family and a good competitive challenge to have with your friends. Link to download a playable version of the game: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EkcqokuxD6hntagxKtQy4Dh1o4ZQCBs4?usp=sharing
S23 - ERP Survey - Software consulting project for a mid-size company


Team from: University of Turku
Tero Märijärvi, Riikka Lund, Vera Salminen, Niko Kivimäki Wilders
As companies grow in size from small operations to larger enterprises, managing the company assets, schedules and finances gets more and more complicated, and without a solid system this can cause disruptions and profit losses. It is not atypical for a growing company to become a victim of its own success in this way. For this project, we are working as IT-consultants for a mid-size company looking for Enterprise Resource Management solutions suited to them. We identify their needs, and then from hundreds of commercially available ERP products, we pinpoint the one that most fits their criteria.
S24 - Storedash - Mapping system for stores

Other / Web Mobile Cloud

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Niki Norrman, Sabina Back, Maxemilian Grönblom, Lucas Fransman, Albert Valeev, Emil Grönmark
Web page: https://storeda.sh
An application that helps customers locate the product they are looking for and help them navigate the store in a mutually beneficial way.
S25 - VRGP - Implementation of the VRGP protocol specification for communication between vessels

Public services Infrastructure services Communicatin / Embedded system

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Hredoy Mesha, Daniel Gonzálvez, Alexandru Gherghescu, Elijah Rose, Yannick Zapfe, Joan Dolz, Gabriela Corbalán
Our vision is to provide software that ensures the safe navigation of possibly autonomous ships by implementing the vessel side of the Vessel Remote Guidance Protocol (VRGP). We aim to show that the protocol works by providing a prototype implementation for the Åboat with a generic core implementation of the protocol that can be used as a starting point for real-world implementations. The goal of the VRGP protocol is for vessels to securely communicate in real-time with on-shore maritime operating centers (MOC) which can provide guidance, e.g. for docking vessels. Ultimately, this would avoid putting lives in danger when docking vessels as the physical presence on-board would become unnecessary. The protocol allows access to key sensors and even video data on vessels to provide MOCs with relevant up-to-date information.
S26 - Ice Riderzzz - Real time detection of road surfaces using audio data and ML

Infrastructure services / Embedded system IoT AI

Team from: University of Turku
Atte Rehnbäck,Jan Böhmeke,Jonas Sandelin,Marius Gurgu,Pietari Pelto-Piri,Niina Alén,Debom Ghosh
Web page: https://github.com/TheLonelyFighter/Capstone
We used a custom built setup (Raspberry Pi + directional microphone) mounted on a car to record the sound of the tires while driving. Drive tests were performed on multiple surfaces, such as snow, asphalt, ice and gravel. The recorded audio was used to train a machine learning model that differentiates between driving surfaces using only acoustic data. Our prototype is able to differentiate between surfaces in real time, while driving. The concept has a direct application for autonomous cars and human drivers, since it detects dangerous driving conditions using a reliable setup, easy to integrate into existing vehicles.
S27 - Pidro Frontier - Pidro Frontier

Games and entertainment / Web Desktop

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Niklas Karvonen, Tony Lindberg, Benjamin Heinonen, Dandi Gutema
Our vision is to create a free-to-play app of the card game Pidro under the name Pidro Frontier.
S28 - Zombies! at the Disco - 2D top-down shooter game

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Joonas Alitalo, Arttu Niemi, Suvi Örling, Ville Lehvonen, Veera Määttänen, Paavo Auranen
Zombies! at the Disco is a wave survival game with a colourful twist. What was supposed to be a normal night at the Disco, quickly turned into a nightmare. To survive the disco night, you need to push back the horde by using projectiles with matching colours. How long can you survive? DOWNLOAD NOW: https://arctos-fi.itch.io/zombies-at-the-disco
S29 - Dash Dash Dragons - Fantasy Puzzle Game for PC

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Milla Pöyry, Roope Saarikivi, Santeri Sinisalo, Emilia Numminen, Alina Palmgren
Dash Dash Dragons is a brain-tickling, fantasy-themed puzzle game for Windows PC. Guide your knight through the maze-like castle while avoiding perilous dangers!
S30 - The Scheduler - A web-based scheduler for AboaMare

Education / Web

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Jonas Fellman, Rickard Bäckman, Nicola Aspelin
This web-based application will help AboaMare to schedule lectures across three different institutions.
S31 - Blood pressure system - Continuous non-invasive blood pressure monitor

Healthcare / HW AI

Team from: University of Turku
Hernandez Ledesma Alberto Carlos, Jokinen Juuso, Mäntyniemi Santeri, Nuutinen Emil, Remes Mikael, Wang Yuning, Tuominen Jukka
With over 2 million people with elevated blood pressure in Finland alone the demand for an easy way to measure continuous blood pressure is higher than ever. Our goal was to build a device for continuous non-invasive blood pressure monitoring. The goal was to build a relatively accurate device that would be easy to use for extended periods. We built a working prototype that measures the blood pressure from the Pulse Arrival Time between ECG and PPG sensors. We were able to estimate the continuous blood pressure by training a machine learning model from the data collected with our device.
S32 - DigiReactor App - Mobile application for DigiReactor

Education / Mobile

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Laura Granath, Aleksi Männistö, Niki Leppänen, Niklas Nordman, Janina Kokkonen, Jimi Keurulainen
Web page: https://digireactor.fi/
Boost your digital product development skills with DigiReactor's free app, coming to your local app store soon!
S33 - Arts of Sorcery - A 2D top-down dungeon crawler designed for Android devices.

Games and entertainment / Mobile

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Markku Iltanen, Milla Ginlund, Micael Sacklén, Niko Tapola, Lasse Kivinen
"Arts of Sorcery" is a top-down dungeon crawler made for Android devices. The goal of the game is to clear as many randomly generated rooms as possible without dying. The player moves from room to room my defeating all of the enemies in the current room to unlock the doors and proceed to the next room. The game includes features such as: random room generation, currency & shop system, 3 different enemy types with unique AI and 2 weapon types.
S34 - Raise Your Tribe - A Survival Multiplayer game

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Bäcklund Kristian, Korpiaho Ville, Rajakangas Jori, Turila Emmi, Virtanen Viivi, Ahlsten Mika
Raise Your tribe and fight against robots or other survivors. Explore, craft, build and survive in a deadly post-nuclear war island, where artificial intelligence has defeated humanity. Start from scratch and end up as the leader of the island
S35 - Markkina-tietäjä - Automated market research for the Finnish IT sector

Business administration / Web

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Polina Petrova, Andreia Rocha, Marienna Meriluoto, Jerry Stigell, Teppo Salonen, Samppa Kemppainen, Vinayak Chaturvedii
The goal of the project is to create a web tool meant to collect open-source Finnish labor market data, analyze, transform and visualize it. Its purpose is to provide users with a picture of which IT skills are needed right now, which tools are popular and where IT companies are gathered. It's a perfect solution for companies who would like to learn more about the current labor market but do not have means to gather and analyze the data. The tool's simple and elegant design will make the experience positive and easy even for people who are not proficient in data analysis. The tool can be used by consulting companies, IT companies, universities, students and professionals in the industry. It will help anyone interested to make an educated guess about how the Finnish IT market might look like in the near future.
S36 - GiggleFist - A story of choices

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Roope Lehtinen, Joonas Ljungqvist
GiggleFist is a text based story oriented game where the player plays as a character GiggleFist and goes on a quest.
S37 - MagnetraX - Physics-based hovercar racing game

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: University of Turku
Aleksi Papalitsas, Timo Tiippana, Maiju Kyyhkynen, Lassi Harju, Levente Molnár, Elmo Kilkki
Web page: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1U4GU22CyT996p1J-Dre6aaWfqC5Rwlj8?usp=sharing
The project is a racing game with varying environments where the cars are hovering the track with electromagnetic power.
S38 - Cubic Conflict - Fast paced RTS game

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: University of Turku
Samuel Leinonen, Lassi Haapala, Panu Puhtila, Rasmus Riihimäki
Cubic Conflict is a fast paced multiplayer RTS game where you build different geometrically shaped units to conquer capture points. Different shaped units have different abilities and features and can be used strategically to take over your opponent.
S39 - COVID Vaccine - Web application

Business administration / Web

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Elisha Baniya
Web page: Github
This project is creating a general web application for COVID Vaccine.
S99 - 3DPMEDP - 3D-printing of medical devices and drug products.

Healthcare / HW

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Ville Suominen, Christy Green, Santeri Kanerva, Mira Vähäsalo, Marko Aaltonen, Olavi Raitamäki, Patrik Nakari, Roni Jokinen, Kalle Kettunen
Our projects task is to perform 3D-printability tests with Bormed™ RF825MO from manufacturer Borealis. These tests are performed by Granutool from manufacturer Brinter. Manufacturing drug products and medical devices are very regulated fields. The aim is to provide an insight on current and future regulatory issues related to 3D-printed drug products and medical devices. Our objects of interest are different channels and liquid chambers. More precise areas of interest are the printability of channels and chambers without any inner support structures and their watertightness.
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