S11 - Lokala - Discover local products near you

Sustainable development / Web

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Hanna Liman, Iréne Åbrandt, Yuto Kvist, André Nordström, Hanna Sundkvist
Web page: https://lokala.fi/
Discover the hidden gems of your community with Lokala! Our innovative web application brings together small local businesses, making it easy for you to find unique, locally-made products right in your own neighborhood. With our user-friendly map interface, shopping local has never been easier. Support your community and explore the diverse offerings of local businesses with Lokala. Join now and experience the pride and authenticity of buying local!
S12 - FlaVRia - Flavoria VR foodline

Business administration / Embedded system Desktop Cloud

Team from: University of Turku
Asseri Heervä, Tuomas Santa, Joona Mäntysalo, Maiju Kyyhkynen, Raisa Sjöholm
VR application for visualizing a student restaurant lunch line. Powered using a message-driven pipeline from scale sensors through cloud to a custom VR visualizer app. In the restaurant, every food taking spot along the lunch line has a scale that measures how much of each different food the eater takes. Our application shows the state of these scales in VR in an environment replicating the actual restaurant. This is meant as a debug/research tool first but is also designed to be ready for extended public-facing use in the future.
S13 - Geographical Optimization of Solar Panel - Geographical optimization of solar panels via data mining for Nordic and Southeast Asia customers

Sustainable development Infrastructure services / HW AI

Team from: University of Turku
Aklilu Gebremariam, Eero Lapila, Guanghang Chen, Minorka Kiljala, Nea Kontturi
The project is to design solar panels for different geographical locations specifically for South East Asian and Nordic countries. The main task will be to optimize the existing solar panel design for better efficiency, performance and cost of production. In this project different scientific research in solar panel design and technology have been analyzed in a form of literature review to deliver a technical report to our client company Solar Finland. PVsyst software have been used to simulate the general review of proposed design. The actual optimization for different components will be modeled for suggested parameters of design.
S14 - Aistikattila - Immersive sceneries for a multi-sensory research environment

Education Other / Desktop

Team from: University of Turku
Xuexian Chen, Heidi Laine, Jasperi Sivenius, Joona Wiik, Eva Zorman
The Aistikattila project focuses on creating a simple user interface that combines the separate components of a multi-sensory research environment into a more usable entity. Audiovisual sceneries with added immersion aim at expanding the existing research area to accommodate multiple different fields and studies, where researchers can make adjustments to the experience for separate study groups.
S15 - Current-ly - Devices' management system based on electricity spot prices

Other / Web

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
marta.rihter@abo.fi, mathilde.levee@abo.fi, juliette.boussel@abo.fi, anton.westerstrahle@abo.fi, erik.wihlman@abo.fi, kalle.lahtinen@abo.fi
Current-ly is a smart power management system that can be used to control, for example, smart plugs in households. It reads the electricity prices data from various energy providers and then schedules the devices to turn on when the prices are the lowest (e.g. in the night). A web-based interface allows the user to customize the scheduling, add more appliances, and access other informative analytics to fully benefit from the spot prices contracts comprehensively.
S16 - GNSS - GNSS Integrity monitoring platform

Infrastructure services / Web IoT

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Janne Hakala,Mårten Jern,Jonatan Wackström, Andreas Strandberg, Gayani Lyianage
An integrity monitoring solution uses GNSS signals to detect changes or anomalies in satellite signal characteristics that could affect the accuracy of the position calculated by user equipment. Integrity monitoring is essential to any application that relies on GNSS measurements, particularly for those for which misleading, undetected errors could affect safety of life. The proposed product is a service that constantly monitors GNSS systems and their signals from a network of sensors, to be able to detect any anomalies, whether they are artificial or caused by interference.
S17 - chatter.ai - The "Chatter" system is a web application that helps users to identify a ship that is currently communicating with them over the radio. The intention is to avoid miscommunication, reduce risk and raise awareness of the surrounding vessels at sea.

Communicatin / Web

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Shahnoor, Md Shariful Islam, Jishnu Sen, Elena Ovsiannikova, Md Mahbub Islam, Lamin Jatta
Verbal maritime communication is mainly done over VHF radio. To ensure safety and avoid confusion, communications from ship to shore, and ship to ship must be clear. When a ship establishes communication with a station, it generally starts by saying its ship name, and communication continues henceforth. We aim to develop a system where the caller will be identified and caller details will be shown immediately on the screen once the connection is established. Conversation history will also be provided as well as navigational maps where the location of other ships will be shown within a given radius.
S18 - ABPC - Automatic Boat Posture Correction

Other / Embedded system

Team from: University of Turku
Samuel Addison, Joni-Miikka Merilahti, Bowen Tan
The idea of the project was to create an algorithm that will automatically correct a boat's posture when it is unbalanced. The algorithm collects data of the boat using an inertial measurement unit and derives its posture based on this data. Then, several motors are actuated accordingly to bring the boat back to a stable position.
S19 - QTMS - Queue time measurement system - measures and displays current queue times on a website for easy checking

Public services / Web IoT

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Josef Nylund, Niklas Luokkala, Frans Sontag, Alexander Weber, Charles Oredola, Fredrik Holmnäs
Web page: https://team-q.vercel.app/
The idea is to measure how long the queues are in the student restaurants in real-time. The goal would be to inform students how long the queues are so they can avoid long queue times by choosing another student restaurant or visiting at another time.
S20 - Moniheart - Personalize ECG signals using distributed system with signal based modelling capabilities

Healthcare / Web Mobile

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Jayson Fernandez, Markus Walden, Lohan Groussard, Aurélien Casteilla, Hamza Rehman, Sunny Chowdhury
Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. It is imperative to provide a solution that enables humans to monitor their heart health without visiting medical experts. Using Moniheart system and a wearable sensor the measurement of ECG signals and heart disease classification will be visualized, A Machine Learning model is used to calculate heart signals and predict possible heart disease of its user. The system aimed to lessen the number of people dying from heart disease and allow everyone to have a monitored heart.
S21 - UCG - Unnamed Roguelike cardgame

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: University of Turku
Xuexian Chen, Juho Matikainen, Eero Nirhamo, Mikko Salonen, Janek Tuisk
Enter a tournament for wizards where you will battle for the title of Champion Wizard A slay the spire inspired single player deck building game where everything is decided by drawing cards from decks.
S22 - Project Posiva - Application for Field Observations

Infrastructure services / Mobile

Team from: University of Turku
Anton Nurmiaho, Vesa Mäntysaari, Sammani Rajapaksha, Samuel Leinonen
The goal of this project is to build a cross-platform mobile application that will be used by Posiva for collecting and storing field observations in Onkalo nuclear facility and radioactive waste repository. Posiva plans to get rid of paper forms and to upgrade from their current mobile application to a more future-proof solution. The new mobile application should be integrated with Microsoft 365 and developed to be as maintainable as possible by Posiva without the need for the user to have extensive knowledge of software development.
S23 - Master Torturer - Horror puzzle game with history inspired torture theme.

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Krista Talvipuro, Teemu Homi, Teemu Kulmala, Gabriella Aura, Waltteri Nupponen
Master Torturer is a horror puzzle game. Your task is to solve puzzles in historical torture chamber. Think carefully but not too long...
S24 - AutoMech - Diagnostic tool for combustion engines

/ Desktop

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Adam Lindqvist, Benjamin Åberg, Jacob Rosing, Oskar Öhman
AutoMech is an easy-to-use software for engine diagnostics and data visualization which works by analyzing engine sounds. AutoMech is intended for all sorts of people, be they car enthusiasts or professional mechanics.
S25 - Hazard Racing - Car racing game with game events

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Oskar Kjeldsen, Juho Nurmi, Joni Sjöholm, Sebastian Hagsberg
Time trial based car racing game in premade level/levels where there are events and hazards that can impact one's time in the race. Player tries to get from start to finish in shortest time possible.
S26 - Orcs on a train - Turned-based tactical game in a fantasy punk setting

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Aun Frederik, Demirel Ahmed Faik ,Grönroos Alexander, Kuokkanen Sampo
Turned-based tactical game in a fantasy punk setting made with Unity. A story about three orcs who end up on an ancient eldritch train, where the orcs have to fight their way out through the train and escape.
S27 - SC - Space Customs Game

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Jose Salovaara, Teemu Salminen, Jani Sorvoja, Viivi Rantanen, Max Näsman
Web page: -
Game where you work as a space station customs officer and decide if you let spaceships pass
S28 - Strømming - Dynamic live video streaming solution

Games and entertainment / Web Mobile Desktop Cloud

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Daniel Nordström, Joar Sabel, Jens Sabel, Janina Heikkala
The Strømming project is a client-server middleware which handles the dynamic editing and creating of tiled multi-source streams. A user viewing a live event online is able to tile together which cameras/sources to view simultaneously, which are then presented as a single complete video stream.
S29 - HoM - Halls of Madness

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Armand-Alexandru Balint, Elisabeth Sisarith, Oliver Vesa, Kimi Jokinen
A backrooms-inspired horror game focusing mainly on puzzles. As you venture into the endless dwelling rooms, the only thing keeping you sane is your wish to escape. Will you be able to run away from the entities present in these unending halls, complete the challenges present in these rooms and finally escape?
S30 - Tube Tapper - 2D platform game based on music rhythm

Games and entertainment / Mobile

Team from: University of Turku
Md Mahbub Islam, Aku Lappalaine, Jukka Reiniharju, Maksym Rubtsov, Md Shariful Islam, Samuli Sillsten
The game is something where powerups/bad things that lower your hp spawn in a certain rhythm which adds the feeling of needing to "tune tap". and if a player hits something they are not supposed to, color/shape/etc. of the character changes and vice versa for hitting something good.
S31 - Shoppe - Shoppe - Save money with every swipe

Other / Mobile

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Gayan Kangaraarachchi, Md Montafa Tangil, Kiran Poudel, Elmita Baidhya, Jarkko Nieminen
Helping users save money by providing access to discounted prices and deals on products and services.
S32 - SPÅT - Sport Positioning Åbo |Turku

Other / Web IoT Cloud

Team from: University of Turku
Khanh Nguyen, Jenni Kontturi, Johanna Sinisalo, Joona Kairo, Milla Oksanen, Sagar Dhakal
Web page: https://spat.interjektio.com/
SPÅT is a sport data integration app developed in collaboration of SPÅT company and SPÅTIFY team from University of Turku. With real-time data from modern UWB tracking technology, the app presents and manages athletic stats of a match or training session. Football coaches and players can expect an intuitive representation and a familiar game-like user experience, rather than dull numeric reports. It is a promising project of which the current target is football, especially youth training. The app will broaden to other team sports in further future.
S33 - tQit - A smart phone based queue management system

Public services / Web Mobile

Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Sankalpa Neupane, Samuel Kouri, Daniel Lindblad, Casper Lofgren, Niclas Mohn, Richard Lundin
tQit is a smartphone-based queue management system that will greatly improve the experience of people stuck in queues. The main idea is to replace current queue management systems that are used in for example banks or different government agencies with another that is much more convenient and less painful for the customer.
S34 - Circwaste Kielo - Mobile application for effortless waste sorting

Sustainable development / Mobile

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Jarkko Heinonen, Jyri Kuivanen, Johannes Helin, Emilia Aalto, Teemu Rintala, Jenni Luotonen, Virta Reetta, Riikka Ojala
Circwaste Kielo is a student innovation project which focuses on finding, researching and experimenting with different ways to support waste sorting through a mobile application. Some of the ideas so far have been general sorting instructions, text based search for items, local news related to waste sorting, sorting instructions from product bar codes, map for waste collection spots and trash bins, monitoring the users own waste sorting, and sharing knowledge of waste sorting benefits.
S35 - CTC - Chuck the Cat, 2D

Games and entertainment / Desktop

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Anton Laaksonen, Ville Vainionpää, Nelli Heinonen, Laura Olli, Vili Vaali, Vilma-Reetta Valaskari
S36 - Disc golf application - Disc golf application

/ Web Mobile Desktop

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Sebastian Sopola
Discgolf is a web-based application where users can search through plenty of finnish disc golf courses. View how other users have rated each course and watch people's highlights on these courses. Don't find your course yet? You can add it easily with a push of a button and write your own comments on it. Remember to add course address so users are given google maps drive instructions to your course just by cliking the course address. How fun! Plan your next summer's road trip with this app!
S37 - Tune Tapper - 2D platform game based on music rhythm

Games and entertainment / Mobile Desktop

Team from: University of Turku
Md Mahbub Islam, Aku Lappalaine, Jukka Reiniharju, Maksym Rubtsov, Md Shariful Islam, Samuli Sillsten
This is a rhythmic game where a runner can jump to avoid obstacles and able to create new tunes in jumping.
- JB Test project - Project that gives life to ICT Showroom


Team from: Åbo Akademi University
Jerker Björkqvist, Axel Exklund
- -


Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
- Mr. - Mr.

/ Embedded system

Team from: Turku university of applied sciences
Web page: http://www.vulnweb.com
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