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Feedback session guidelines

For the feedback session (L7, 27.10.2023) each team do a review of the other teams presentations and deliverables so far. Use the guidelines below. The team prepare a presentation on this feedback, to be presented in the meeting 27.10.2023, 10 minutes, and store the presentation as one of the deliverables.
Which team to review: Each team take the next team in the list, as in the project course home page, i.e.

Build My Trips reviews Depths
Depths reviews E-Burst
E-Burst reviews Infoflow
Infoflow reviews JANGS
JANGS reviews Ketch-Up
Ketch-Up reviews Localink
Localink reviews Muuvit
Muuvit reviews OJO - a Smart Surveillance System
OJO - a Smart Surveillance System reviews PixelSecrets
PixelSecrets reviews Power Consumption Monitoring
Power Consumption Monitoring reviews RAXA
RAXA reviews Sherpa Food and bar
Sherpa Food and bar reviews Traffi Track
Traffi Track reviews UWS
UWS reviews Build My Trips

For presentations:
- Was the vision of the product clearly describe? (Did we understand what would be the final product?)
- Was it clear what will be the end users and the stakeholders of the project? (why is this product useful?)
- Does the team seem balanced and well-sized for the size of the project?
- Are the business goals described clearly? (i.e. how can one make money from this project)
- Is the project plan clearly described in terms of phases and milestones? (is it clear how the team plans to continue working)
- Do you see any risks (technological or otherwise) in this project?
- Any other suggestions for the presentation/project/team in general?

For technical documentation:
- Is the vision clearly described?
- can you get the same vision of the final product from the document and from the presentation. If not tell what is different?
- Are the requirements clearly described? (well structured, good template, F/NF breakdown)
- Do you get a clear picture on how the product will be technically built? Could you use the document to start doing the technical work?
- Is the document clearly formatted and easy to read?

Project plan:
- are the phases and milestones clearly described (beyond the project course schedule)?
- is the role allocation of team members clearly specified?
- are the risks defined clearly and do the make sense?
- is the Quality assurance plan clearly described in terms in what measures are applied (usability, system, integration, unit testing, code reviews, etc) , at which stages, and by whom?
- is the document clearly formatted and easy to read?