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Project course 2022-2023
Feedback session guidelines
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Feedback session guidelines

For the feedback session (L7, 28.10.2022) each team do a review of the other teams presentations and deliverables so far. Use the guidelines below. The team prepare a presentation on this feedback, to be presented in the meeting 28.10.2022, 10 minutes, and store the presentation as one of the deliverables.
Which team to review: Each team take the next team in the list, as in the project course home page, i.e.

Automech reviews Current-ly
Current-ly reviews ECG
ECG reviews GNSS
GNSS reviews Lokala
Lokala review Shoppee
Shoppee review Smart Remote
Smart Remote reviews Strömming
Strömming reviews Team Q
Team Q reviews tQit
tQit reviews Automech

For presentations:
- Was the vision of the product clearly describe? (Did we understand what would be the final product?)
- Was it clear what will be the end users and the stakeholders of the project? (why is this product useful?)
- Does the team seem balanced and well-sized for the size of the project?
- Are the business goals described clearly? (i.e. how can one make money from this project)
- Is the project plan clearly described in terms of phases and milestones? (is it clear how the team plans to continue working)
- Do you see any risks (technological or otherwise) in this project?
- Any other suggestions for the presentation/project/team in general?

For technical documentation:
- Is the vision clearly described?
- can you get the same vision of the final product from the document and from the presentation. If not tell what is different?
- Are the requirements clearly described? (well structured, good template, F/NF breakdown)
- Do you get a clear picture on how the product will be technically built? Could you use the document to start doing the technical work?
- Is the document clearly formatted and easy to read?

Project plan:
- are the phases and milestones clearly described (beyond the project course schedule)?
- is the role allocation of team members clearly specified?
- are the risks defined clearly and do the make sense?
- is the Quality assurance plan clearly described in terms in what measures are applied (usability, system, integration, unit testing, code reviews, etc) , at which stages, and by whom?
- is the document clearly formatted and easy to read?