ICT ShowRoom event - 6 march 2014
General informationICT ShowRoom is an exhibition and a competition, in which
  • students of the ICT House present theis project work done during the past year
  • research groupds present theis project work dune during the past year

The event is open for the public


3.12 - Registration opens
31.1 - Registration closes
6.3 - ICT ShowRoom 2014 Event
Event schedule:ICT Showroom Thu 6 March 2014

09:00-10:00 Stand setup
10:00 ICT Showroom starts
10:00 Public voting opens

(the audience may vote for best performance and best technical content)

10:30 Jury starts to evaluate the projects

13:30 Jury ends their evaluation round

14:00 Public voting ends

14:00 ICT Showroom exhibition ends

14:30-15:00 Winners are announced in auditorium Alpha

14:00-15:00 Dismantling
Program leaflet: programblad_2014_v1.pdfprogramblad_2014_v1.pdf
Information to teams: Showroom_info_2014.pdfShowroom_info_2014.pdfkartta 2014.pdfkartta 2014.pdf
Registrations:https://abacus.abo.fi/register.nsf/EventReg - Registrations due 31.1.2014
Previous winners2013

Remote Alert Project (Minna Simola, Tanwir Ahmad, Ileana Montoya, Ekaterina Kondareva, Sudeep K Chandrashekar from Åbo Akademi).
The members of the winning team were awared Nexus 7 Tablets.

Pictures from the event: Picasaweb


Chilly Framework (Jari Pirinen, Taj Pelc, Andres Ledesma, Frenk T.
Sedmak Nahtigal, Bidhya Sagar Ghimire from Åbo Akademi).
The members of the winning team were awarded a Nokia Lumia 820 phone.



Green FUS (Sören Andersson, Kenneth Eklund, Jessica
Laukkanen, Hans Lindén, Anne Valo from Åbo Akademi). The members of the winning
team were awarded Samsung Galaxy S smart phones (sponsored by



Signbook (Kimmo Koski, Petteri Lehtonen, Johannes Maliranta,
Tomi Härkönen from Turun ammattikorkeakoulu).
The members of
the winning team were each awarded a Bufalo Linkstatio Duo 2TB.



MOOR - system for handling orders in a restaurant
by Leif Sirén, Thomas Mattsson, Andreas Åkesson,
Jon von Weymarn, Sebastian Mattsson, Lotta Vappula.
Each participant got a ASUS EEEPC.

This project also won the public voting.

Pictures / Video

Men vs. Women Quiz - A Facebook trivia application

Each participant in the winning team got a Nokia N810 Internet tablet
ContactsJerkerBjörkqvist (@abo.fi)
Seppo Virtanen (@utu.fi)
Janne Roslöf (@turkuamk.fi)
Tove Österroos (@abo.fi)