ICT ShowRoom event - 5 march 2015
Winners 2015The winners of is Celia Dyslexia (Sami Suo-Heikki, Joonas Korgan, Maija Paloposki, Jenna Nikander, Stella Riikonen, Aku Sidorow, Joni Kaarttinen) from TUAS.
"We are Celia dyslexia and we are developing an application that helps you identify dyslexia. We help people identify their possible dyslexia and we want to help them. Our application provides real help for people who are struggling with learning difficulties and we give people additional information regarding dyslexia. The application has the possibility to help 400 000 dyslexic people in Finland and we want to reach all of them. We are working together with the Finnish state-owned special library, Celia."

Contact person: maija.paloposki at students.turkuamk.fi
Web: http://luki.cloudit.fi/
The winners were awarded B&W T7 wireless speakers

Special mentionings:
- Most passion: Overthrone (TUAS)
- Best game: Lemming Dynasty (TUAS)
- Best local contribution: Fölipass (ÅA)

Public voting:
- Best presentation and technical content: IARP (UTU)
General informationICT ShowRoom is an exhibition and a competition, in which
  • students of the ICT House present theis project work done during the past year

The event is open for the public


15.12 - Registration opens
31.1 - Registration closes
5.3 - ICT ShowRoom 2015 Event
Event schedule:ICT Showroom Thu 5 March 2015

09:00-10:00 Stand setup
10:00 ICT Showroom starts
10:00 Public voting opens

(the audience may vote for best performance and best technical content)

10:30 Jury starts to evaluate the projects

13:30 Jury ends their evaluation round

14:00 Public voting ends

14:00 ICT Showroom exhibition ends

14:30-15:00 Winners are announced in auditorium Alpha

14:00-15:00 Dismantling
Program leaflet: Program_2015_v1.pdfProgram_2015_v1.pdf
Information to teams: Showroom_info_2015.pdfShowroom_info_2015.pdf
Registrations:https://abacus.abo.fi/register.nsf/EventReg - Registrations due 31.1.2015
Previous winners


WHISPR (The winner of ICT ShowRoom 2014 student project competition is team WHISPR - Larisa Deac (TUAS), Binay Devkota (TUAS), Aleksi Immonen (UTU), Timo Jääskeläinen (TUAS) and Niklas Vainio (UTU))
The members of the winning team were awarded Bose QuietComfort headphones.


Remote Alert Project (Minna Simola, Tanwir Ahmad, Ileana Montoya, Ekaterina Kondareva, Sudeep K Chandrashekar from Åbo Akademi).
The members of the winning team were awared Nexus 7 Tablets.

Pictures from the event: Picasaweb


Chilly Framework (Jari Pirinen, Taj Pelc, Andres Ledesma, Frenk T.
Sedmak Nahtigal, Bidhya Sagar Ghimire from Åbo Akademi).
The members of the winning team were awarded a Nokia Lumia 820 phone.



Green FUS (Sören Andersson, Kenneth Eklund, Jessica
Laukkanen, Hans Lindén, Anne Valo from Åbo Akademi). The members of the winning
team were awarded Samsung Galaxy S smart phones (sponsored by



Signbook (Kimmo Koski, Petteri Lehtonen, Johannes Maliranta,
Tomi Härkönen from Turun ammattikorkeakoulu).
The members of
the winning team were each awarded a Bufalo Linkstatio Duo 2TB.



MOOR - system for handling orders in a restaurant
by Leif Sirén, Thomas Mattsson, Andreas Åkesson,
Jon von Weymarn, Sebastian Mattsson, Lotta Vappula.
Each participant got a ASUS EEEPC.

This project also won the public voting.

Pictures / Video

Men vs. Women Quiz - A Facebook trivia application

Each participant in the winning team got a Nokia N810 Internet tablet
ContactsJerkerBjörkqvist (@abo.fi)
Seppo Virtanen (@utu.fi)
Janne Roslöf (@turkuamk.fi)
Tove Österroos (@abo.fi)